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From: Paul Peterson (General)
Subject: Calvin cards.
I believe these are all of the Calvin and Hobbes ones. I looked through everthing, but could have missed a couple. I've prefaced each set with who sent them in.

Paul ;^)

Transmogrifier (Poly Artifact) 8

When in a deck, the owner of the Transmogrifier must also have a separate set of 7 non-repeating creatures available.

3: When powered, the owner of a Transmogrifier may turn any Calvin in play into another creature. The opposing player will choose one creature from the seven available randomly, and that card will be exchanged for the Calvin. Note which creatures are really Transmogrified Calvins, as they may be run throught the Transmogrifier again on any succeeding turn.

Snow Goons (Summon Goons) 2BB

Snow Goons gain +3/+1 when attacking any creature controlled by the controller of an in-play Calvin or Hobbes.


Tree Fort (Enchant Creature) 1GG

The target Calvin or Hobbes is immune to any Suzies and/or Snow Goons in play.

Suzy (Summon Anti-Calvin) 1W

Tap to send any Calvin in play to the graveyard.


Animal Pit (Ench) 1G

1: prevent all combat damage to you from one trampling creature.

Hobbes (Summon Tiger) G

As long as there are other creatures but Calvin in play, Hobbes is considered 0/1. As well, when Calvin is in play, Hobbes gains two abilities: The ability to Band, but only with Calvin, and BB + Tap : destroy any one artifact in play.


"Calvin is constantly blaming broken objects on his ferocious friend, Hobbes."

Calvin (Summon Demon) RR

First Strike. Without any Hobbes in play, Calvin may not attack. When Hobbes is in play, Calvin gains Banding, but will only band with one or more Hobbes in the group.


"Calvin still maintains that Hobbes is a Bad Influence, and that without his Tiger Nature would never get into any trouble."

Spaceman Spiff (Ench Cre) B

May only be cast upon a Calvin. When cast, target Calvin gains the following Ability: Tap to do one point of Damage to any one target.

"With his Mighty rap blaster, Spaceman Spiff wades into Chaos unafraid."

Monsters in the Closet (Ench) BB

When cast, all Calvins and Hobbes are considered Out of Play, as they are hiding in the bed, afraid of the Monsters in the closet...

Hobbes (Summon Tiger) G

As long as there are other creatures in play, Hobbes is considered 0/1. Only when Hobbes is the only creature in play is it 6/6.


Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs 1BB

Enchant Calvin

Target Calvin gains first strike or trample. This ability is chosen when CFSB is cast, and may not be further altered by this card.

Home From School 2RR


Counters Calvin as it is being cast or destroys target Calvin in play.


Homework 2R


Tap and place two counters on target Calvin. Calvin does not untap as normal while any counter remains; Calvin's controller may spend BB to remove a counter during his or her upkeep.

Stupendous Man 2B

Enchant Calvin

Target Calvin gains protection from Homework.

More Calvin and Hobbes Cards

Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 19:50:38 -0400
From: Richard Lindstrom <>

B=Black W=White R=Red G=Green B=Blue M=Any Mana

Calvin's Soul: Black; 7/2; Flying, First Strike, Trample, Protection from Artifact Creatures.
Bx3 Mx3- Summon Entity

Can only be summoned when you have at least one Calvin in play. During your upkeep, you must pay Mx3, or Calvin's Soul does 7 damage to you. If all of your Calvins are buried or removed from the game, Calvin's Soul is buried.


Mom: White-; 3/5; First Strike, Band
Wx3 Mx2- Summon Mom

Wx4: Remove one enchantment from one Calvin in play and bury it.
Mx3: Untap one Calvin play. This ability is used as an interrupt.
Wx2, Mx2: Put a +0/+4 counter on any Susie in play.

"Calvin! You are in big trouble, young man!"

Duplicator- Artifact
Mx3- Summon Artifact

X: Make a duplicate of one of your cratures in play. Treat this creature as you would the original creature. First duplicate costs Mx3 (X=Mx3). To make additional duplicates, you must pay 1 extra mana each (for example, if you wish to make a second duplicate, you would have to pay Mx4 (X=Mx4), If you wish to make a third duplicate, you would have to pay Mx5 (X=Mx5), ect.)

If X is higher than the amount of mana you have (in play and in your hand) (Sol rings=2 colorless), Duplicator is buried.

"Are you kidding? It burned out after the fifth one of us."

Rosalyn: Black; 7/7; First Strike; Trample; Band
Bx5 Mx2: Summon Demon

Bx5: Regenerates

During your upkeep, you must pay Mx5, or Rosalyn does 7 damage to you and may not attack this turn.

Bx3 Mx2: Bury one Calvin's Soul
Bx4 Mx4: Bury one Calvin
Bx6 Mx6: Remove all of opponent's Calvins, Calvin's Souls, and Calvin enchantments from game entirely; Rosalyn is removed from game entirely and cannot regenerate.

"An extra five would help there BE a next time."

Calvinosaur: Non-Element; 8/8; Trample
Mx10- Summon Dinosaur

During your upkeep, you must sacrifice a non-artifact creature, or Calvinosaur is buried.

If you have at least one Calvin in play, you can pay Mx5 to tap Calvin and put a +2/+2 counter on Calvinosaur. Calvin does not attack this turn.

"For centuries, the mighty T. Rex had ruled the dinosaur world. That is, until IT appeared... the Calvinosaurus!!!"

Hood & Cape: Enchant Calvin
Wx3 Mx3

Target Calvin becomes Stupendous Man (see below).

Stupendous Man: White; 5/5; Flying; Protection from Homework
Calvin becomes Stupendous Man when enchanted by Hood & Cape (see above)

Can be affected by Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
Not affected by Susie's or Rosalyn's "Calvin bury/remove" attack

During your upkeep, you must pay Mx3, or Stupendous Man reverts back to Calvin until your next upkeep.

NOTE: There is no Stupendous Man card. This is just data on Stupendous Man.

FINAL NOTE: Susie cannot bury a Calvin if target Calvin's controller also has a Calvin's Soul in hand or in play.

  Melissa D. Binde [ ]