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Date: Mon, 8 Aug 1994 14:34:14 -0400
From: Charles J Poirier - Personal Account

Before the Wars of the Artificers...
Before the Time of Legends...
Way back when Magic itself was young...
Even before the Legends of Uselyssia...
Came the earliest beginnings of Magic...
When Magic didn't work very well!

Blizzards of the Cost proudly announces a new expansion set:

MAGIC: Ambiquities

Way, way back in the beginning of Magic, Mages stumbled and fumbled while discovering how to pound the raw forces of colored Magic into shape. (Colorless Magic, as is well-known, was a later innovation.)

Examine some of the weird, confusing, and misspelled spells that the earliest Mages tried to get away with:

Bogardan's Dog Breath (R) Enhance Creature
Creatures coming face-to-face with target creature
can not untap for a while.

Calcarian Astrolabe (WWWW) Artifact
(WW): Your defending creatures gain +(5 sin X)/+(5 cos X),
where X is the angle at which attacking creatures are tapped.
Round off. If the Astrolabe is tapped, it doesn't seem to do

Charspur's Revisionism (U) Interrupt
The time at which any event resolves is delayed by one phase.

Flame Touch (RR) Enchantment
One conflict of rules may be resolved by burning one card.
Flame Touch goes to the ashtray when this power is used.

Fnorkle's Delay (UUU) Interrupt
For the rest of the turn, any cards containing the word
"Ambiquities" are resolved last. This effect is permanent.

Growth Out of Bounds (GGGG) Sorcery
Opponent divides his/her own play area in half. Choose one
half. You get to use that area now instead of opponent.
All cards in that area become yours.

House of Cards (WWW) Sorcery
Build a house of cards using cards drawn from opponent's
library. Opponent may not blow. When house collapses,
stop, and discard all cards in the house.

Priority Interrupt (UU) Instant
For the rest of the turn, all Ambiquities are resolved first.

Prodigal Missionary (WWW) 1/1 Summon Cleric
Any time Prodigal Missionary blocks, it becomes the Attacker,
and the blocked creature becomes the Defender. "Missionaries
were trained to be on top of any situation."

Seth's Fluttering Leaf (GG) 0/1 Summon Foliage
(G): Drop Leaf from the top of any tree. All cards touched
when it lands immediately become Seth's Fluttering Leaf.
Use leaves as counters.

Stygia Land
Tap to tap one of opponent's cards; you get to use the effect,
if any. Play as an interrupt. "Chew slowly, it's the Good Stuff."

Stygian Pteradactyls (G) Summon Mana Birds
Tap to drain opponent's mana pool of one mana of any color.

Trog (R) 2/4 Summon Trog
Trog is destroyed after it blocks or is attacked.

Trogg (B) 4/2 Summon Trog
Trogg is destroyed after attacking or being blocked.

Weird Moon (UU) Interrupt
Caster immediately gets an additional Main Phase. Only
black or blue mana may be spent during this phase.

Historically yours,
Charles Poirier
aka Charspur of Ticktock

  Melissa D. Binde [ ]